Thursday, June 08, 2006


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Alexander Basiat


I made my way from the bus stop to the warehouse and up some rusty stars

Love the blog!

Joe Conrad

"Robbie Dingo sips his beer."

""The question is, do you cats relate Second Life and real life? "

I think you are starting to confuse animated pixels a little too much with Rl.

Celebrity Trollop

I played a tension fraught game with Siobhan O'Flynn and moo Money one night on the top of the (now gone) Dazzle Castle in Innamoramento.

I ended up winning our (very low stakes) pot but everytime it was my turn I was also sort of queasy, hoping that I wouldn't hear a bang!

It's fun, but definitely kind of intense.

Hamlet Au

Thanks for the typo catch, Alex!

Ordinal Malaprop

I believe that I played this while it was in beta, and it is terrific - most certainly one of those "I wish I'd thought of that first" moments.

Of course, if a redesign of the revolver is ever required....


where do i get this game

darling sieyes

i would like to know if a script will be made to play russian roulette, so it won't be considered gambling.


i was looking for a story for my homework assignment when i came across this story, it schooled me more on what Russian Roulette was about, but after reading it, i got a little sad because my father died this way. I oppose it- seems insane for someone to want to kill play thta game knoing the chances of dieing...NERVE WRECKING my ass...R.I.P. kevin preister

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