Tuesday, June 06, 2006


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The work of Victor King: "Westover. MD" is licensed under the attribution no-derivatives 2.0 license. IANAL but isn't the remix a derivative? How does this mesh with the spirit of the call/show?

genevieve junot

Rubaiyat, you are exactly correct. Work that is licensed under the "No-Derivatives" license cannot be remixed. Victor's piece seems to have been mislabeled on the NYU website. The caption indicates that it uses the Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License. But when you click on the photo and then the CC logo, the deed shows the Attribution No-derivatives 2.0 license. Honest mistake, which will be updated. We are working on posting a list of remixable pieces to minimize this type of confusion. Thanks for noticing!


But the attribution shows its as allowing derivatives. It's licensed as "non-commercial" with attribution


Oh I see, its got a different attribution on Flickr.

Hamlet Au

Yes, thanks to Rubaiyat for catching this. I'm, now, uh, remixing this post.

Hamlet Au

Remix complete! "Westover. MD" replaced with the mash-up of an appropriately licensed work. My personal apologies to Victor King for the remix mixup.


I figured that it was just an honest mistake. I am very happy that you corrected it so quickly.


genevieve junot

So, after all this...It seems that Victor King DID intend to allow derivatives to be made from his Westover MD photo. The flickr license option has been updated to reflect this correction.

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