Wednesday, June 21, 2006


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Lex Neva

Ooh, a story about my home :D Thanks for writing us up, Hamlet.

Just a few things -- we definitely were open when you visited, and we still are. The slums probably weren't quite open when you visited, but they are now. We're still very actively building, but the commercial district and slums are officially open and explorable. We try to make it pretty clear to someone when they've gone to an area in the sim that's not part of the "official" build, by putting up walls and occluding sight-lines and such.

Also, while you're listing out the main creators, I want to make sure that Binne Ming and Stella Trenchmouth get credit too. They're both an important part of the creation team. Lots of other Squids have helped out too, but there are probably too many to list here.

Hamlet Au

Thanks for teh corrections and expansions, Lex!

Alexis Fairchild

The whole Suffigium sim gives me so may ideas for evets to run there (with the owners' permission, of course)

Bye bye for now,

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