Sunday, July 02, 2006


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Torley Linden

I certainly hope this premise of valid!

When I started my Second Life, one YUGE gaping hole was a lack of anime--specifically, not the absolute absence of it, but rather, how hard it was to find. I'd come across rare creators who sold their wares in sandboxes (as they weren't supposed to), and scattered shops across the land. One of the best was AetherStyle, commandeered by Aestival Cohen who made a rather fascinating appearance as a Totoro as Hamlet blogged in http://secondlife.blogs.com/nwn/2004/11/red_staters_mee_1.html

I love, LOVE the business model that THE WHOLE CITY IS FOR SALE! I hope parts from Nakama will be transplanted, like space seeds, and remixed into a variety of new forms.

All too often, I see popular stuff that's bought, but not modified in the slightest. Which is fine if you don't wanna, but I always think you can push more out of it. It's like forcing a vampire underwater in holy water, and then he burns, and then he rapidly adapts and learns to drink and enjoy it. Exact same thing here.

Hentai? Well, I did see a tentacle monster named "Daisy", as Launa Fauna so gracefully explained to me. Picture by Marianne McCann here:


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