Saturday, July 22, 2006


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Vlad Bjornson

Wow. What an amazing build - and for a great cause, too. I just walked through the course and was very impressed with the way it was organized. Each themed area is really different and all had some fun little extra atrraction to keep tings interesting.

I had a lot of fun skydiving off of the Eiffel Tower and wandering through the hills of Japan.
Events like this are a perfect way to use the tools provided by SL.

epredator potato

I agree a fantastic and well (self) organized effort. I have taken the tour, walked all the way. I am sure I will be back as I only tended to look at the big bits, and take a lot of snapzilla pictures.
Every second lifer should attend and experience everyones work.

robin winter / shuk

nice job filming the race james. all and all top notch RFL this year. i was delighted to see the you tube! kudos ALL!

Torley Linden

I'm tickled pink (hee) to see how this turned out!

Nice running Jadey, Aim, Hamlet!

What an incredible journey. Sort of reminds me of that Deep Forest video for "Sweet Lullaby" showing the tot cycling around the world, but with no jump cuts. ;) Imagine doing this with a Steadicam on a track like one of those epic motion rides.

Hamlet you are really becoming quite the videoblogger. :)

Hamlet Au

Thanks, but nah, my PC got too laggy and my camerawork ain't great. I'm sure some of our best machinimaniacs could do a way better job-- in fact, I encourage them to do so, to record RFL for posterity before it's derezzed, and I'll plug it here.

Tao Takashi

So here's another two videos: Relay For Life Starts at 5, When movie sets go poof

And some photos (more to come of course ;-)

And some statistics: general stats, Auction stats
(I think there might be a more detailed forum post, need to update that later).

To sum it up: Over US$38,000 have been collected and some money is still on it's way!

I'd say: WOOOOOT!

BTW, I hope somebody else was filming, too, as I haven't captured all the cool stuff.

Jerry Paffendorf

Torley > Imagine doing this with a Steadicam on a track like one of those epic motion rides.

Torley, on that exact thought I had one of the best experiences I'd ever had in SL at the Relay this year (as I did last year too, actually...): Using the Auto Running HUD that moves and steers you around the track while in first-person mouselock, leaving both hands free to chat (and fire popguns at friends :). It was awesome, keeping up with friends and just letting the sights stream by.


Great work, and congrats to everyone involved!

Hamlet Au

> Using the Auto Running HUD that moves and steers
> you around the track while in first-person
> mouselock

And where might one acquire such a device, Senor Snoop?

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