Wednesday, July 19, 2006


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Marco Aurelio

Kurt Vonnegut? THE Kurt Vonnegut? WOW! When I first entered second life, I began wondering whether those limited number of last names had something to do with the idea of "extended families", used by Vonnegut in some of his works. It seems that soon I'll have the opportunity to ask the author himself about this. Wow!


This is all very intriguing, but Quirky needs to get out a bit more.

""How cool is it that the author who first speculated about the relationship between man and technology is coming here in avatar form for a chat and reading?" Quirky enthuses."

That is an absolutely funny statement! And only a poorly educated person could ever make such a claim.


Oh man, I've been a Suzanne Vega fan since the original 1985 album. It will be awesome to see her perform in SL.

Quirky McArdle

OK, Mark, I agree -- I do need to get out more. You volunteering for escort service?

And as an inveterate consumer of science fiction and former philosophy major, of course you were right about that Vonnegut comment. I read "20,000 Leagues Below the Sea" when I was 10.

Hamlet Au

Then again, Vonnegut was one of the first (arguably *the* first) to make those speculations successfully cross over from science fiction to mainstream literature, which is what I took Quirky to be saying originally.


I'm sorry for the bit of snarkiness Quirky. I could have said that much nicer, no doubt. Maybe it was the worst of my philosophy degree coming out, instead of the best.

And Hamlet, I am no science fiction expert so cannot directly address your point about science fiction--Vonnegut--mainstream lit, but took Quirky to also mean the general move to mainstream lit, period.

I would still argue that a literal reading of the quote argues for a much, much earlier date whether science fiction, sociology, psychology or philosophy.

Quirky, I've never been an escort and probably would be horrible at it, but seeing as I need to get out a bit more myself...

Again, sorry!

Erbo Evans

I should drop by just to say hello to Howard...thanks to this, he will become the second Electric Minds member to enter Second Life. (Ironic, since he originally founded EMinds...)

I hope Zaius has designed Howard some appropriately-wild prim shoes. And, if you run into him and you get a message saying he's offered you a jar of peanut butter...it would be wisest to click "Decline." :-)

bryan campen (cyrus huffhines)

Tom's Diner also happens to be the restaurant on Seinfeld!
">http://static.flickr.com/54/123977172_607ac65bb3.jpg"> Lived next to it for four years.

bryan campen

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