Wednesday, August 23, 2006


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I happened across another translator this past weekend in one of the sandboxes. Without doubt, simple (although sometimes simplistic) translation is one of the more interesting developments. I would expect that some enterprising individuals will incorporate this tech into some teaching systems. If SL had built-in voice communication, people could already be teaching each other languages in ways we've not really seen.

Gwyneth Llewelyn

Pfft Hamlet, you failed to add that the real fun just began when Eggy Lippmann joined us on that improptu meeting and started to throw broken slang at the translator — we were both laughing so hard that I had to leave my computer, reach to the window, breathe in some fresh air and try to calm down, easily scaring my neighbours with all the mad laughter, coming in guffaws :)

Eggy even missed his train with so much laughter ;)

As Csven said, Timeless Prototype has a similar thingy inside his famous Multitool, and yes, people on Help Island are using that all the time. Currently, it seems to be quite right that half of the new users come from non-English speaking countries, German and Spanish (and sometimes Portuguese from Brazil) being at the very top of the list. Most don't understand enough English to even press the buttons of the UI — and those translators, despite often being hilarious, are very often the only thing that allows us to communicate with those users, at least to a point where they understand how to get in touch with similar speakers of their mother language, and get help from there.

I must say, this has worked wonders with Argentinians and Brazilians :) Once they overcome the angst from an UI in a language they are clueless in, and get in touch with their national groups, they'll happily stay in SL for a *long* time!

So, yes, we need more and better translators — but even the ones we've got, are a very welcome first start!

Iris Ophelia

/me is laughed

I did a project for a class once, where I wrote paragraphs about several countries like a travel agent, translated them into that country's national language with babelfish, then translated them back. Sometimes the message gets across, and sometimes...... less so. Nevertheless I'm pleasantly surprised that it handled "My hovercraft is full of eels" so well!


It's great that people are working on these translation tools in SL. While the international growth rate is very encouraging, much more concerted effort is going to be need to stop the spread of more "walled garden" communities seperated by language.

This is perhaps inevitable as SL starts to look more like the web (and the world.) But someone really needs to create a Global Village sim or an SL United Nations where we can more easily interact with people from other countries. I'd be happy to put my weight and energy behind making that happen.

Gauisus Speculaas

Wow. I loved viewing the video and I love Iris's notion. I'd also like to see SL more user-friendly to the under-teenage set. I know a teacher into distance learning :) who could so get into international interactions inside an education-only sim...Guess I need to go post to the, um, I guess not to the forums... Cheers to all! And I'd love to join in on the beta. I'll look for that invite, LOL...


As an aside, what the hell is the matter with YouTube??? First they make us register to embed video. Now... NOW... I can no longer embed it because WordPress isn't part of their new system. Someone slap them for me. It's smart to gain marketshare and all, but they have to hold onto it as well. They're losing me.


Hamlet Au

That's partly why I also put the video on BlipTV-- YouTube is great for many things, but its video quality is so low-res, the chat text was difficult to read.

Robbie D

That's great. Should be a built in feature!

(As should also be [The Dialectizer] perhaps? - Which does an interesting job at translating this article to [Jive] and [Redneck]).

Memory Harker

"A Brother-HUD of Man"




Hamlet, I think you need to become personally acquainted with a certain Spanking animation ...



Krisjohn Twin

If there was a standard for tagging what you're typing with the language you're typing it in, everyone could install their preferred translator plug-in/HUD to process everything that pops up in their chat window. Once the translation improves a little it won't matter what language people are chatting in.

Crunchie Calamari

Hi all,
Further to this article, I have been selling a HUD based babelfish translator on SLExchange for over a month now. The bandwidth is very low per request so I can charge L$50 per unit and still cover my costs. I've sold about 30 so far and have barely noticed the added traffic to my webserver. Also, Sly Axon's Multi Gadget used to have a beta translator included, but I'm not sure if it still does. Its here if you'd like to take a look:

Torley Linden

I've been using both YouTube and blip.tv and have been using the latter more precisely because it doesn't recompress my videos, as Hamlet mentioned. YouTube videos are pretty artifact-chocked.

*goes to download the video*

On a related note, who's checked out this Japanese Second Life wiki? :)


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Ferd Frederix

The usege of translators in Second Life has grown has grown. The Ferd's Free Translator reached over 50,000 users this weekend.

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