Wednesday, August 30, 2006


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Bryan Campen

It would be even better than Edwards announcing on the Daily Show.

Gydew Goff

I am all for our political leaders using new technology but with the issue of avatars, how do you determine if it's really them or one of their handlers?


Alright, I'm all for technological innovation but this is really lame. The leader of the free world is a character in what looks like a video game???

I think that the campaign will look back on this as their Dukakis in a tank moment.


Break out the digital *Three Stooges* cream pies.

What a digital shithead.


Wow, that's some serious political discourse. Such is the problem of anonymity on the 'net.

Good luck with the interview, Ham! I have no strong opinions on him as a potential candidate. But I applaud his exploration of various technologies to promote democracy and transparency and participation, from blogs to bringing computers to poor communities to e-health initiatives.

I don't know if we need such a geeky president. But we certainly need more people like him to revitalize our conception of participatory democracy.

Bryan Campen

Really enjoying this discussion.
The power of SL is more and more undeniable as a way for individuals to organize, and will become more so with politics. In the meantime the argument that certain politicians are "geeks" (or "savvy" considering his staff floated the idea) will have to go up against the fear that their opponents are incompetent. Is that a bad trade?
I don't see how this would be anything like Dukakis in a tank. Just to make sure, I think you mean Kerry in the shuttle and blue scientists suit-thing last presidential election.
But even that analogy has a very poor fit.
This is a new medium being used in new ways, and people who put aside their fears and adapt early will reap the benefit. Surely we all remember there was a guy named Kennedy, and he learned how to bend the medium of television for politics rather well: just ask Richard Nixon. He thought he had won the debates with Kennedy, and so did everyone else listening to the radio. Television told a different story. Who knows what will happen here?

Eric Almendral

I met Gov. Warner at E3 over a year ago at a mini-symposium of educators and game developers on, of all things, utilizing gaming technologies for educational purposes. Unlike other politicos who have jumped on various tech bandwagons, Warner really seemed to know his stuff: He was familiar with the relevant technologies and terminology, but open and inquisitive when presented with new concepts and information.

Warner sincerely believes in technology. Given that this type of event might seem politically risky from a p.r. standpoint, I think this is evidence of his willingness to "walk the walk."

It's not enough (on its own) to earn him my vote, but it certainly has me wondering about his stances on other issues.

Papa Doctorow

I think its a great idea. I would have checked it out, but which PR genius scheduled this at 12:30 SLT on a weekday? Hope the interview went well Hammy. Looking forward to the transcript.

Hamlet Au

Transcript is up now:



Ron Paul needs an avatar!

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