Tuesday, August 29, 2006


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CronoCloud Creeggan

Yep, and since they stick out, you're not likely to miss them.

The attachment thing is cool too, though it can take some time to save one.

However 25 groups is probably still not going to be enough for some people.

Cocoanut Cluster

Are you kidding? This tool is unfair and implemented poorly. Additionally it's increasing lag and encouraging griefers.

Talon Lardner

Cocoanut: Huh? How can group tools, of all things, be increasing lag, encourage griefers, and most suprising, be unfair?

Ayla Calhoun

Cocoanut, Just like Talon said..How could it do that...First off, You need to be an officer to make a notice. I know because I done it many times! Its a great tool that helps alot on my job! WTG Linden Lab with The Group Tools!

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