Thursday, August 10, 2006


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Torley Linden

This place is SO MUCH FUN! I want to go back and visit soon.

I really like how you've been doing more and more videos... thrilled of course you use my music! I've finding myself getting more into the multimedia angles of reporting my findings...

Dolus Naumova

Oh man. I've been working on something like this off and on, but I've always struggled with the collision detection. Because of the loopiness of Second Life, attachments won't detect collisions unless the avatars run into each other -- hence the failed melee systems of the past.

I'll have to look into this further. Very nice!

Gaennair Tiramisu

I remember first discussing the idea of a combat area with Kat ages ago, I am extremely proud of the progress Arch Ayame Esprite and Kat have made on the sim, and the ideas they continue to put forward for its improvement =)


Check her website (this gets deleted -- see censorship).


See how nice she is to her customers. This is the type of person you are supporting.

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