Friday, August 18, 2006


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I had a few phone calls last night (which I missed because my cell was dead) from Mistress and there were a few great messages from people I really wish I could be there with. I heard about your chance meeting with Mis and Launa lol. I think I've told just about everyone I'm having to live vicariously through Mistress!

I miss everyone and I'm totally there in spirit and hope that you all have a great time. Where are the pictures?! I need pictures people!

Tao Takashi

Yeah, I also want photos. But as SLCC is one of the few conferences/conventions with a photo permission policy I guess there will hardly be many around (what I heard at least).

I actually also would like some videoblog like coverage to get the atmosphere, maybe interviews etc. This would also connect the virtual SLCC better to the RL one.
(that's basically what I sometimes do over at mrtopf.tv for python/plone related conferences).

But in fact even LL itself is reluctant to show many more than the usual suspects (I really would like some vlog coverage of who's working there and on what topics and some tour around LL's office).

For my part I wonder why that is the case as with every other thing like that it seems to be no problem and sites like flickr get usually filled up with stuff (finally some photos which do not need to get NIPSAd ;-).

So maybe I am wrong and we will see lotsa photos nevertheless :-) Let's hope :)

Hamlet Au

Tao, what photo permission policy do you mean? I don't see anything about one on the convention site.

Menno ophelia

Wish i could really be there. And hope you all have a blast. Watching the stage now at: http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2006/08/slcc_06_the_ope.html

Next year you can count me in..

menno ophelia

oops wrong link. here goes:


Tao Takashi

Hamlet, Eric told me this.. Maybe he was wrong on it, than the better and looking forward to hopefully lots of photos and video :-)

(But I also had some discussion on IRC actually that some people seem to be uneasy with pictures getting taken of them.)

Ansible Berkman

I can't make it out either, so I'm looking forward to hearing a summary of the Media in SL meeting. Have lots of fun, everyone! :)

Celebrity Trollop

Well, I hope we get SOME pictures! :D

Have fun, everyone!

Tao Takashi

So looking at flickr there's not too much to find (yet). But you might want to look (and use) for the tag slcc2006.

There might be NIPSAd accounts among them though so make sure you are logged in (but right now it's only photos by Jade Lily anyway).

Keep them coming! :-)

(and the keynote summary is on my blog).


Lordfly has some good shots up now :D just use the tag SLCC and go by most recent.

Tao Takashi

More SLCC coverage by me here now.

Today I am not really following as I think many things are going on simultaneously and we only have an audio stream for one. So now I hope on some attendees to cover that!

And right, some others have photos, too on flickr but tagged with SLCC. Maybe they add another tag for slcc2006 for them which should be 3 clicks or so with the flickr organizer :)

(you know, I am german and I love when everything has the right tags attached ;-) now I only need to practice that with my flat).

Tao Takashi

BTW, was there somebody filming the music events we saw the photos of?

Menno ophelia

Moo Money posted videos of the sex in sl presentation.


moo Money

Actually, Menno, the videos ended up getting screwed up and all three ended up playing just one clip. qDot has the footage and is uploading it to YouTube today. In the meantime, here is my photoset. Enjoy it before someone freaks and makes me take a pic down. ;)


Tao Takashi

moo, you maybe don't need to take it down but make it only available to friends or so if somebody is uneasy with it. I hope though that this is not happening :-)


For my part I wonder why that is the case as with every other thing like that it seems to be no problem and sites like flickr get usually filled up with stuff

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