Tuesday, August 15, 2006


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Robbie D

I enjoyed that, a great story-told observation.... like the first chapter in a book or film, bizarre and intriguing so you gotta read it all and then I was left wanting to know what happens next? (...and how it might read to a non SL player...). Very good.

Torley Linden

This story has a real retro "NWN 2004" vibe to it, for some reason... I do like it.

Alexander Basiat

I would love to find the passage those two used to sail for so long. I've taken my sailing vessel out a few times but keep running into nasty red letters that tell me I can't go any further.

A dreamy piece, this one.

Eoin Widget

Hehe, makes for a funny story looking back on that day :)

Was a pleasure chatting with you.

Good work capturing the moment.

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