Tuesday, August 08, 2006


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I'll be entering ! ;0 I really like this idea Hamlet.

Pathfinder Linden

Outstanding idea. I can't wait to see the submissions!

Osprey Therian

Hamlet, how many entries per person - one?

Hamlet Au

Good question. Let's say one per week for the duration of the Expo.

Torley Linden

Whoa, great idea--I'm looking forward to seeing all the emotions! This is a prime interest of mine... avatar-centric communication.

Hamlet Au

Lindens can submit and be featured in the Expo, they're just disqualified from winning the free ad. :)

Demian Tank

oooo...I'll get started on my entry now!

Demian Tank

YAY my entry is submitted!

hazake arten

I submitted! :)

AnkhMorpork Salsman

Woah, awesome, I will get something up once I can get into my account due to the password reset.

Lili Brink

Isn't this scarily REAL: http://flickr.com/photos/melaniekiddofsl/1279838356/ ?!

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