Thursday, August 03, 2006


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Talon Lardner

Very well orchestrated video... Makes me want to get into building again.

Biscuit Carroll

ABSOLUTELY SUPERB!! Congratulations Robbie on a landmark in machinima. You rule.

Skip Jenkins

This is exactly the kind of thing that drew me from static 3D modelers to SL. This is kind of a newb question, but is the guitar skin applied an alpha channel texture? I've tried to export a targa file, but cant seem to get it exported with the alpha challed intact. Is there any other file format you can do that with, or is Targa the only option?

Hamlet Au

I'll ask the expert himself to comment...

Rez Menoptra

(I'm not the expert, but...)

The targa needs to be 32 bit for the alpha channel to appear upon upload. Each channel is 8 bits, therefore, r+g+b = 24 bit. When you want the extra information an alpha channel contains, you need the extra 8 bits, thus the 32 bit tga file.

Hope that helps.

Rez Menoptra

Oh AND -- incredible video, and modeling, and musical choice. Stunning.

Robbie D

Thank you everyone for the kind comments above, although I think expert is stretching it! Skip, Rez Menoptra has explained this better than I ever could, yes, when you export the file, you need to select tga 32 bit.

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