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Relee Baysklef

Ahh the problem is clearly that I was distracted IRL shortly after BL began, and I was thusly prevented from making more than a token art piece and making such a big fuss about it as to make the whole thing popular by my irresistable personality.

Or maybe it's just the fact that nobody seems to know about it when it comes up in conversation.

Kisa Naumova

Well, I would hazard a guess that there are several reason why Burning Life this year isn't as well-attended as previous years. Firstly, it's probably the case that there isn't enough publicity about it - the brief mentions that it gets in the blogs and the forums don't really target themselves to the metaverse at large. They assume that everyone knows already what Burning Life is (and, for that matter, what Burning Man is), and 'annouce' it, rather than promote it.

Secondly, on a similar note, there isn't very much 'organisation' to it all (unless I'm really missing something). I'm guessing that there will be some kind of event, but as yet I'm totally in the dark about what's going on.

Thirdly, and probably most significantly, I don't think you can draw a direct conclusion from there being "more people in SL" and there being "more people wanting to go to Burning Life". I think that (especially recently), the large amount of people signing up for avatars all have their very own specific personal agendas as to what they want to get out of Second Life - and those agendas may perceive very little value in a project like Burning Life.

I don't mean that disparagingly - I think that people are flocking to the platform for all sorts of reasons, some serious, some frivilous - but I do think that the mindset that might have existed a year ago, isn't relevant to a lot of people now.

That's not to say that events like Burning Life shouldn't exist, I just don't think that it should be expected that thousands of people will turn up. Because for thousands of people, it really isn't that relevant. Pockets (and, I suppose, sub-metaverses) of interests are developing all over the grid, and the sheer enormity of numbers means that not everyone will see/appreciate some of the things that go on.

Whether or not that's a good thing, I'm not sure.

Having said all that, go see my tree (Jeraku 35,35). It doesn't 'do' anything, but it's quite pretty :-)


Heh heh, i'll second that, Kisa's tree is quite impressive!

I don't know what it's been like in previous years, but there has been as good as zero publicity for this event. As previously mentioned, we burners have been given no idea what activities, if any, have been scheduled, and the last of Jeska's posts regarding Burning Life to the forum and Linden blog were both some ten days ago. I'm afraid those mediums really don't reach as many people as the Lindens perhaps like to think, and certainly old news doesn't do much good in forums with the memory span of a gnat (no offence intended, i really value the forums, i just recognize their limitations).

It would be nice to see Linden Lab put some visibility on the home page, at the welcome areas, in sandboxes, anywhere that lots of people gather who might have an interest in knowing about this event - in much the same fashion as they did for their three year celebration. LL is in the position of reaching far more people than we as individual residents might.

Luciftias Neurocam

Labor day.

Extended family.

2 year old.

Take your pick.

Ace Albion

I don't think LL engages quite so much with potential new content creators these days as perhaps they used to. So maybe newer residents don't see much of the top-down enthusiasm for their creativity that perhaps was evident in the LL of a year or two ago. It leads to a lot of fresh residents who don't feel particularly motivated to work on some grand event that has been so half-heartedly promoted. The older creators, I guess, have already succeeded in converting their past exposure into real money contracts and businesses with little time for fun prjects.

That, or everyone really is on camping chairs or poseballs these days.

Odysseus Fairymeadow

Considering that I didn't get in to see the birthday party until nearly a week after the festivities ended, I would consider it highly unlikely that I would be able to see this, if as some posts hint that these sims have already been voided by now.

That, and even with my familiarity of the concept of "Burning Man", and the many references to it in this magazine, it took me reading the "official rules" somewhere before I was able to figure out what exactly Burning Man was.

I feel badly as many of these activities I don't or can't take the time to explore end up expiring very quickly (and then I watch videos of it here :-P ). However, having said that I could probably have taken the time to visit BM before this weekend and perhaps explored some of the more complete stuff.

Perhaps an in-world newspaper describing the special events going on, something more than the "tringo" stuff? Is there a special category I should be checking regularly for these things?

And yes, this is a blog, and no I don't expect an answer :-P but at least a thought...

SignpostMarv Martin

Just had a little convo with Hamlet, and he seemed to think my thoughts were worth posting :-P

some people in the Burning Life 2006 group didn't even know the event had "started"

it's a fair thing not knowing, considering there wasn't much difference between the construction time and the actual event.

i mean, if you were there building something, it's like you've already seen everything... and it's not like there was any big opening ceremony or anything so opening day just came and went without anyone noticing. or caring.

no big flashy Linden notices popping up saying Burning Life is now open etc etc

i think if BL '06 goes completely cack, then there's going to be no more BL, since "Hardly anyone went to the last one, it's not going to be worth it to put up 12 sims again"

Looky Lu

I wrote this note to Mr. Au before I knew of this article-and-thread's existence.....here it is largely undedited.


As I'm sure you've noticed, Burning Life feels more like a ghost town than a festival. Granted, it's a beautiful, crazy, wildly imaginative ghost town, but a ghost town nonetheless. It's a bit sad, really: so many wonderful works of creativity just begging for eyeballs!

I work in marketing in that annoying thing we call "real life," and it offends my professional instincts that Linden Labs doesn't promote this event to residents better. Or even at all! After all, something like this represents the very best of the spirit that LL expresses in their little manifesto at the top of the main web page - not to mention that Burning Life is just plain amazing and entertaining. You'd think they'd be turning handsprings to publicize it....

Hell, I can think of half a dozen ways to get the word out (like say...a big ole picture with exciting copy on the SL program's log-in page) but I won't elaborate on them here. I write this to you as someone who presumably has the ear of the Powers What Be in hopes that you would urge the Linden folks to freakin' PROMOTE this thing! If you could pass this thought along to LL, you might do a service to both the public and the artists whose work is going under-appreciated. Man....it'd just about kill me to sweat so hard on a ginormous art project only to stand in front of it for hours as no one walked by. Sheesh.

Forgive me mentioning World of Warcraft...but they are geniuses at this kind of thing: when there's an in-game event in WoW it's pretty much impossible for you to go through the log-in process without at least being --aware-- of said event. Yes, yes...I know SL is a different experience with a different philosophy behind it, but still...Linden Labs could go to school on some of the things they're good at.


That's my two cents. Oh, and if you find an especially groovy Burning Life build, give me a shout in-world and share it with me!

Looky Lu (checking all the suggestions here, too)

Looky Lu

Tonight on login to SL there was a wee text line directing folks to Burning Life....and whaddaya know? There were oh....twice as many people there!
Which granted, wasn't like the crowd at the Elbow Room, but still enough that I had to put on jeans-and-tee-shirt so I could view the builds without conversation!


In response to Odysseus’ and other’s belief that Burning Life 2006 has already ended, I just wanted to reassure you that the party is still going strong and Burning Life will be open to the public until September 18 when all twelve desert playa sims will be wiped. The party will reach its apex on September 15, at the Burning of the (Prim) Man party, for which I hope some publicity will be forthcoming on LL's part, but please feel free to take the initiative, drum up some enthusiasm and send your friends there as well!

Your experience with the birthday party is exactly the reason why I wish the Lindens had started the publicity no later than the unofficial opening to the public on September 1, and I feel it's a shame that many residents who might otherwise have been interested in seeing what's up in Burning Life will only be able to read about it in the past tense after it's all been swept away.

Just in case you don't get to make it to the actual playa, two good places to get an idea of the goings-on are:

Snapzilla's photo collection in the Burning Life 2006 Spotlight at www.sluniverse.com/pics You can also see photos from last year's Burning Life event at Snapzilla as well!

GavinLeigh Wake's dedicated Burning Life blog at burninglife.com , thoroughly documenting his own take on BL and the various builds and artists.


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