Wednesday, September 13, 2006


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JW Russell

Well I can tell that Second Life got it's exposure in most dutch online news sources (national newspapers and such) due to the security breach.

So I know that a lot of people heard of SL by now in the Netherlands and I bet some got curious to find out what it is.

What I would like to see how the demographics of the sign-ups after the security breach are related to US and non-US sign-ups. I bet that there are more international sign-ups under them because SL got finally more exposure in non-english media.

Are those figures available from LL?


Lots of true newbies wandering around, and mentioning the articles as why they joined. Wanted to see what was up - maybe they'll stick around, the world has been hopping, really.

Generally security faults only affect legacy users, not new users. It's like getting a prize - not a good one - but it's unlikely to happen again; especially something negative, as hacks can't be repeated if the company actually takes steps.

Luke Buckland

The reason i think you will find is because Second life has been on national tv in England regularly last couple of days, i know about a hundred people at my school signing up! I dont think it has anything to do with hack.

Hamlet Au

Tateru and I discussed that possibility, Luke, but other big media hits have never caused the numbers to jump anywhere near that high. (Though it's certainly a part of the spike.)

Andy Vasiliev

I'm one of the newbie-boomers, they had a huge segment on BBC Breakfast on British television yesterday morning which convinced me to finally join, though I was aware of it before yesterday.

Tateru Nino

The following day's numbers were 27% higher again, for reference. Where will it all end?

Luke Buckland

It would be nice to know what percentage of the people that joined in that time were english? is it possible for you to do that?


So, it's more than obvious to me why new user signups have sky rocketed. Am I really the only one who is considering that old users who could not resolve their email address/password issue just broke down and made new accounts for themselves??? I know MANY players who had to resort to this tactic. One in particular did just that in order not to miss her paid appearence in a fashion show scheduled that same night-she even spent over L10,000 preparing her *new* avatar for the event. She kept her first name but had to take a different last name. Let's get real. All of those new subscribers aren't all newbies-many just forgot their original email addresses and couldn't get it from the SL website because of the password issue. Take a poll on that one. Not impressed.


Wow, maybe they should throw all the user data into the public domain every month!

Aaron Levy

Yeah, I think a lot of the new signups are current users making new accounts to replace the ones they lost all access to because of the password screwups.


conclusive proof that people are stupid. So the most successful thing to prompt people to sign up to SL so far? LL's appalling security being hacked and everyones details and cc's being compromised! of course! We should do this every month!


Yup I signed up after seeing the articles about the breach too. I'd known about SL for ages, but something just spurred me into doing it.


I think that the point here is that despite the obvious fact that some of the numbers reflect old subscribers re-joining, the fact that new-user orientation was overwhelmed and had to be augmentated 25% is a pretty good indicator that a large percentage of the new sign-ins were in fact new users. Old users wouldn't face a steep learning curve or be in wonder and awe at what they were already familiar with...

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