Tuesday, September 12, 2006


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Zenigma Suntzu

Zombie Skins by: Ferran Brodsky
Zombie AO (Dances) by: Keiki Lemieux of Huddles
Zombie clothing by: kaia Ennui of Nocturnal Threads
Giant Squid by: Vudu Suavage of Gods & Monsters
Half-Pony Half-Monkey Monster by: Zenigma Suntzu, using parts left mod by (and with apologies to) Kristivon Kolache and Taylor Thompson

I <3 Brains!

kaia Ennui

I had the opportunity to hear a bit of jonathan's rehearsal and I'm definitely looking forward to the show.

btw, there will be a creative commons tee and a popsci.com jacket designed by me (nocturnal threads) as well as two neat SL books on hand at the show - FREE :) just look for the sign and pay it 0L.

I must say concerts and events of this nature occuring in SL are kinda exciting. weeeeeeee!


Super excited about this concert! Please perform "baby got back"!!! Pleasepleaseplease.

Frank Fuhr

Damn! I can't make it in world for this (still at work in RL) but I have tremendous admiration and respect for JoCo. You guys are gonna have a blast.

Adri Saarinen

For everyone who can't make it, we're hoping that machinma of the concert will be available-- so if you've got any videographer friends, tell them to get there and film the thing for you! :D

Creative Commons will be sponsoring a machinma contest for the CC licensed video that best captures the 'spirit' of the event.


Great interview. I can't wait for the concert! :)

Tom Parker

Would someone care to pick times more Europe-suitable - that's a 3am start for me. If it was Saturday 3am, maybe, but that's Friday 3am...

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