Monday, October 30, 2006


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Chicago Kipling

I seem to remember that not so long ago in one of her many interviews Aimee Weber mentioned that she needed to intentionally market to a crowd averse to advertising. So far the corporate efforts I've seen are far from that, which I find quite surprising given the quality of the designers involved. Perhaps it's the fault of the companies that insist on carrying over their FL brand marketing into SL without consideration for the unique audience. Regardless, I don't think there's a huge mystery involved.

I could be wrong as quite the SL newb, but I think the principles of targeting the SL audience need to be taken into more careful consideration.

Corporal Candour

Hmm...what I find curious is there's no real gimmick to relate the real Nissan brand with this playground of an island. Sure it's fun...but how are some free R/C vehicles and vendors going to draw people into seriously looking at Nissan as a company? I think it would've been MUCH smarter if they had the free car vendor have a link to the Nissan web site for the pass code. I just see so much more potential in this than Nissan has. But I'm sure with time it'll be more popular. Although, I have to meet, I'd never heard of it if it weren't for NWN.

Nym Eponym

Need 4 Speed also pays people to camp, and Nissan doesn't. Not a big mystery.

Hamlet Au

I never saw campers there during the times I visited. Nor, for that matter, at the equally popular SILVER MOTORSPORTS COMPLEX.


You should get to know the people you talk about and get into the scene of racing on SL before you put in opinions and exagorate statements made.

I am guessing you are mad the seleen doesn't come in a crackerjack box...

Just remember you get what you pay for... If you ever want to race me in my N4S car.. VS/ any car on this game I will buy you the N4S car if you beat me. Because you won't... You will be to slow or fly off of the track. Simple as that!

I am guessing you are tryen to make your blog popular by making controversy. Like the damn tabloids of SL...

JR Breed


Nissan is a great company and Im happy to see that they play the same game that I do.

Waves and Smiles! See you in game!!


After one has stared at the pretty objects they paid someone to create, there is no reason to stick around or return. SL is not exempt from the idea that a game must have some replay value in order to be successful. Lots of SL citizens need to understand this- not just corporations.

Forseti Svarog

About 2,200 sentras are out there in Second Life now, which isn't bad for a week-old launch relying primarily on word of mouth. My hope is that people keep on coming back for a really low-lag driving environment... it's something of a luxury in SL.

Yes, there are "camping" spots on Need 4 Speed. As I'm standing here, one person has been there for 411 minutes, one for 412 minutes, one for 137 minutes, and one for 41 minutes.

Not that I think Need 4 Speed is doing anything wrong with the camping spots, but I also think it's ok if Nissan decides not to go that route.

I think you shouldn't rely so heavily on the dwell statistic Hamlet. People were skeptical about its relevance and the obscurity of the formula long before corporations entered SL. As a comparative metric, it's not that effective, and really tells you very little about the quality of the traffic you are getting.

Remember that Second Life doesn't yet have the eyeballs for a lot of companies to start off with a huge project. They want to walk before they run. They want to try things out and try to learn. As Sibley said, projects will increase in sophistication and involvement over time.

But frankly, I don't think Nissan versus Need 4 Speed is even the right question -- they both have a place and serve different needs. Nissan isn't going to be offering the same kind of vehicles Need 4 Speed does, and that's fine for everyone involved. No one is out to kill resident businesses, so your implication that the effort is questionable simply because it's NOT killing a resident business is unfortunate.

I think it's great that JR has done so well and hope he continues to do so!

Nym Eponym

I'm not trying to stir up controversy as much as point out the elephant in the room. Traffic rankings just aren't accurate in terms of measuring how popular a place is, after all if I started a place in second life that gave out L$100 per minute, and had 50 dance pads, it would undoubtedly rise to the highest place in the ranking chain, even if the primary attraction was a picture of goatse.

This is more a complaint about second life's traffic rankings than Need4Speed, they have a cool shop, and if you're in to dub / ryder culture, I definitely recommend checking it out.

Linda Zimmer

Comparing traffic figures without looking at time in world is a very limited analysis. Need 4 Speed has been around for almost a year, Nissan for a little over a week.

Having said that, only sustained efforts are going to increase traffic and engagement. Nissan's initial entrance campaign is overall an excellent effort and in my opinion Electric Sheep's guidance and implementation has served Nissan well.

But any company also needs "presence" meaning there are people inhabiting the space. One of the primary missteps most companies, including Nissan, are making is that they haven't considered "staffing" the sim. They wouldn't dream of opening an office or store or in the real world without people, A vending machine is for commodities - no human being required. Participatory engagement requires engagement.

Just ask the successful ventures in Second Life how much time they spend in-world and correlate that to traffic.

Jr Breed

Actually I started playing in Jan of 06, but I didnt learn how to build cars untill around May and shop opened up in June.

Im not a real corperation. Nissan has been around for decades. If you have never heard of Nissan then your just plain stupid.

I dont own 3 or 4 sims. I own 8000 sq. meters of land in a very crappy sim on the main land. People come buy my rides, the dont want to drive it around my shop o.O. Id have to hit them with my baseball bat. My Shop is to sell cars. Not a driving course. When customers ask "Where is a good place to drive" I tell them "Nissan". Im I generating SOME traffic for Nissan, very possible. Any sim thats built for cars will natually generate traffic due to the other vehicle creators.

Nissan has the history, the money, the sky is the limit for them in secondlife. I dont even see how I am compairable to them.

I really hope they start to hold events there. I would surely attend the party.

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