Wednesday, October 18, 2006


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Odysseus Fairymeadow

What kind of minimum donation are we talking about? I've never paid tier, but I may be getting to the point where I'm paying my premium membership in L$...


Svarga has been one of my favorite places in Second Life since we discovered it.

I was ecstatic when Flipper told me of his plans to help save Svarga. Ironically enough, I was mid blog post about how sad I was that it was closing.





So people decide to underwrite one users pet project?

There's a lot of other people out there who can't afford the sims they've "bought" from SL.

But I guess we only get an appeal from hamlet for money if its one of his favored few that needs it, huh?

Hamlet Au

Dude, you been to Svarga before?


Dude, startleby, we aren't talking about any run of the mill sim. We're talking a sim that gets lots of favorable press and blog attention to SL. It's been digged, it's been boingboing'ed, it's been technorati'd. Svarga is nearly its own meme.

For it to go away would be incredibly sad for many, many residents. If there is a way to preserve the island sustainably, I'll be happy to lend my support and lindens for that.


Can you treat it like a national forest and just donate it to SL?

Odysseus Fairymeadow

Whether you donate it or not, you still need to pay for it somehow. Are you thinking of doing what the national parks do and charge like L$100/day to enter?


That's not really that crazy. It seems that the amount of positive press SL gets off of that sim, it would be in Linden Lab's interest to own it, keep it alive, and maintain it.

If you buy a parks sticker, you get access to all the parks. Why not have a similar system in SL? I'd pay $500 (linden) to have access to showcase sims. Not like it would be tough to set up the group.

Taras Balderdash

The Avatars of Change is mobilizing to help Svarga. Lauk has allowed us to keep an Oracle Orb at the Temple in Svarga for several months, and helping with tier is the least we can do.

May Supreme Avatar Smile Upon You!

Br. Taras
Prelate, AOC

Zen Zeddmore

Would she be intrested in selling Svarga outright in full, or having a group ownership situation? I've been impressed with Svarga enough to cover the expense solo(if need be) for a few months untill things settle into more secure and scripts behaving nicly etc. Mention me to her. my in world IM's forward to my email. so let's talk.

Odysseus Fairymeadow

My impression was that if she sold the island to a new owner that it would be wiped clean before the transfer was made. There is a lot of personal projects on the island that she is reticent about giving up control over, so any payment plans would probably need to be negotiated with that fact in mind.

Fledhyris Proudhon

I really wish there was something I could do to help, but I can't even afford tier for land of my own :( Svarga is an amazing place, somewhere I have come back to time and again since I started SL six months ago. It really should be a SL treasure; it's such a shame that the creative talent in this game requires monetary backing to thrive, just as it does IRL.

Svarga goes far, far beyond the needs and aims of one designer: this sim really does contribute to SL as a whole, adding beauty and innovation to inspire the world. I will grieve sorely if we lose it.

Please, Lindens, you know this isn't just an ordinary sim - can't you do something to preserve it?

zingg akami

Is it possible to donate money too? i have no land tier left to pledge but would gladly pay money to cover some of the costs of maintaining svarga

FlipperPA Peregrine

Thanks to everyone who has helped out. The reason I'm doing this is simply because Svarga is one of my favorite places to explore and hang out on the grid. If it were to disappear, I would be saddened. Laukosargas and I talked, and this seemed to be the best way to avoid the monthly tier cost being paid, while maintaining the ecosystem. We're over 20,000 meters pledged to the group by very generous individuals, and need to get to about 59,000 (with the 10% group bonus) to make this a reality. If anyone else can help out, by all means, get in touch in world! Thanks.

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