Tuesday, October 31, 2006


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Jim Purbrick


Cool, sounds like Starax was a Brit. If I bump in to someone summoning falling cows in my local boozer, I'll be sure to buy them a pint :-)

Hamlet Au

That's the thing, I'm not even sure WTF a "tosser" is.

Tateru Nino

I know what it means, and it's understandable that he wouldn't want to sound like one. Ah, well. Farewell, grumpybum. Watching you build night after night was a joy.

SignpostMarv Martin


toss, "to masturbate" + -er, the agent noun suffix

* Rhymes: -ɒsə(r)



tosser (plural tossers)

1. (UK, slang, pejoratives) Someone who masturbates
2. (UK, slang, pejoratives) Someone the speaker doesn't like

That bloke who ripped me off was a right tosser.


"artist formerly known as starax", if you read this, i just want to say thank you for the fun and inspiration stumbling across your work inworld has been...

happy prim-pushing in whatever form you've taken!


"(He sold that device for thousands of Linden Dollars, but no one considered that price too high.)"

I guess you hang out with the high rollahs Hams.

None of my pals or me for that matter could even come close to affording that thing.

And still - even if I could have - it was just weh too ouchy - no matter how fantabulus we all thot Starax was.

Just sayin - you gotta git OUT THERE more, darlin. Not everyone has millions of lindens laying around to purchase toys with.

oh and coolio on the whole tosser thing - always cool to learn new stuffs ;)

Aliasi Stonebender

I'd think it's more "Nobody thought it was a ripoff, even if they couldn't afford it" - and I could agree with that. the script part, sure, that's trivial, but having what amounts to the collected works of Starax in your pocket is great. (it kind of sucks you don't have the option to rez some permanently, granted...)

But then, I bought TWO wands, one for me, and one for an alt. *sheepish grin*

red Dutton

Starax is the one who brought me in this world only to find out he wasent any more. i only heard of him within the past 6 months and knew he was the one who created the wand i saw in a promotional video on google. as of now i still have not seen the want in action in world as i wish i could. after hearing he left second life i fealt i needed to search for him looked at his art i could find only able to ask my self why? why would he leave this wonderfull art just for nothing? i guess this proves more like i was thinking he had a alt avccount he dint show any one. so i started looking in the groups he was in at his profile the only way i could ghet to it was thru his works. the only thing i came to was all a dead end a end of Starax a friend i never knew and one who never knew me. the only reson i call him a friend is because he is the one who brought me in this world and the one who has kept me in this world only to keep looking for him thought i never gave up i have came close to finding what i belive to be a alt account or a close friend of him. since he wishes to be left alone and not bothred i will Quit my search and rest better knowing he will be close to his art.

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