Monday, October 09, 2006


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C.C. Chapman

Versu is an amazing builder and it's going to be amazing to see what she is up to!


I work not far from there. I'll have to drop by and say hi.


This is very intriguing, indeed!

Congratulations to Versu...and now I'm curious about what it is she is working on for her 72 hour stint. I'm also pleased to see that I'm not alone in fuelling long gaming/programming stints with gummi bears...my other weapon of choice is Skittles ;)


Tomas- I am with you on the skittles, man!! but after a pound of them I get a little green around the gills. Gummi Bears are for the LONG HAUL!!


is there a slurl for this?
also, is versu building everything using the in-world editor, or is she using an external 3d software, like 3ds or blender, or possibly sketchup, perhaps?

Elle Pollack

The sim this is being done on is set hidden/invite only, that's to keep the lag and greifers down I suppose. The webpage with the video streams on it (nyclivewindow.com) lists the person to contact for access.

Hamlet Au

Thanks for noting that, Elle. Jackline (and anyone else), send an IM to Rodica Millionsofus to gain access to SL Versu.


She has a feature vlog... www.rocketboom.com

Here is the link to watch her www.nyclivewindow.com

I too, like Jackie am curious about how she is building things. Anyone know what program she uses?

Hamlet Au

Good catch, Paolo!

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