Thursday, November 30, 2006


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Gwyneth Llewelyn

Very interesting analysis — I specially liked (and agree with!) the concept of "given the opportunity to explore how garments look on an idealized body, most of us leap at the chance to flaunt skin". Now this is something that always intrigued me (I'm of the prude persuasion, mostly) since on an idealised body, everything fits properly, and almost anything can we worn that looks "just right"... so it's strange to opt mostly for "showing off" skin instead of garments :)

And then again... why not? Most of us aren't supermodels iRL and can't "afford" to show off what's beneath our garments... it's interesting to see how this slightly changes our perception of fashion, and makes it be "slightly out of sync" with RL's fashion.

Personally speaking, and favouring mostly casual clothes in outdated styles... what I miss more in SL is a chain of shops for *nice* business clothes :) With SL's RL business being rampant, and the need to get properly dress for meetings and presentations, I find that, after two years of the female fashion dominating SL, now it seems that male fashion has a huge advantage in terms of business clothing — they have a huge selection of choices (after several years complaining about their lack of clothes), while we don't :)

So it's certain that clichés still dominate SL fashion. Girls will still dress what Britney Spears wore 2 years ago :) ... just because we *can*.


I was trying to buy a non-skanky SL bathing suit for my girlfriend the other day. It's very hard to find something tasteful and flattering without being completely sexed up.

The men's fashions aren't much better, with lots of stores just selling variations on distressed jeans or pimped out suits. Some of the clothing designed for gay avatars can be pretty outrageous but often more flattering than the standard Gap or Abercrombie and Fitch offerings.

In theory, the haute couture people should go nuts designing in SL, since there are no limitations of physics or cost in creating whatever wild things crosses their mind.

CronoCloud Creeggan

Part of the belly button thing could be trying to fit in with others, if everyone else is showing their navels you might start doing so to, to fit in with your SL niche.

And yes, part of it is dressing in ways we can't in real life. That schoolgilr picture was taken around oct 28 IIRC, (I was off to the right)

As part of halloween play in RL it's okay to play with image . But in SL that mood extends throughout the year to a certain extent. so it's ok to put on your Poptart Finale hair and Amlurial Academy/Sister Penitence/St. Solaera uniform

Personally I tend to flaunt cleavage more than anything else and even though I sometimes refer to myself as a shameless hussy in SL, I'm pretty tame fashion wise.

It is possible to find nice officewear if you look around a bit. I've got all sorts of things as seen on my blog and PXP. OPIUM, Little Rebel, Luminosity, Casa del Shai, Luxe, Jennifer McLuhan.

And as for non skanky swimsuits, I believe Nicky Ree has some ( IIRC I have a plaid bikin with sarong from there) and Francesca Poppy's Poppy Designs had a recent release of cute (or as we say on PXP: kyoot) print bikini's that I'll be blurbing.

There is some haute couture stuff going on, especially in formals, and the Paper Couture store in Barcola has a very haute inventory.

This also says something about how the fashionista community is not very good at marketing itself. Maybe avatars in some cases wear what they wear because they don't know all of whats available. They don't follow the blogs or whatnot so they simply don't know.

Joannah Cramer

I wonder how much of it is simply result of technical limitations -- producing anything that _doesn't_ bare midriff requires using jacket layer, which means no real options to put anything on top of it, a need to create two textures instead of just one and thanks to badly done UV map of the stock AV model the seam between two pieces can be absolute bitch to line up on anything more complicated shading and/or pattern wise.

Given these, it's small surprise really so many people settle for just baring some skin. Especially when the customers still buy it...

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