Monday, November 27, 2006


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SignpostMarv Martin

Umm..... Hamlet, you might want to consider re-organising your sidebar.

At a resolution of 1152 by 864 with Firefox, I have to go 15 pages down to get to your reading/writing list.

Take a look at what I see when I visit your blog.

In addition to seeing how much text you have in your sidebar, you'll notice that the right sidebar is almost completely empty.

Hamlet Au

Hmm, weird-- I just checked it out in Firefox 1152x864, and looks fine to me. Try refreshing.

SignpostMarv Martin

It's probably something to do with the NoScript extension for Firefox I have installed.

There's about 6 or 7 different domains trying to load javascript, so the widgets in question is probably being loaded from a domain other than blogs.com

Whereas if you were using WordPress, All Your Javascript Are Belong To Root :-P

I'm not the only one who has a problem with the big-ass leftie though. Do you really need to have the link to November 2006 AND a large chunk of what's in you're archive page ?

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