Tuesday, November 28, 2006


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Taran Rampersad (aka Nobody Fugazi)

I'll be there. Just don't tell Prok. :-D

SignpostMarv Martin

Any chance you could mention what his name will be in-world ?

It'd be handy to add him to the Wikipedia article

Hamlet Au

"Richard Posner". :)

genevieve junot

Hi, all! I'm receiving a good number of responses for this event! We're looking forward to having the Judge present at Kula.

When you are sending me an RSVP message, please be sure to include your SL avatar name to add to my list. *If the sim fills up, event entry will revert to a reservation basis. If you have made a reservation, but cannot make it - please try to send me a cancellation email/IM!

Many thanks :) Jen/Gen

Relee Baysklef

Apocalyptic Terrorism? o.o

I don't think it's quite gotten that bad yet.

SignpostMarv Martin


Yes Hamlet, I am aware the sort order on the name list is a bit off. Since re-ordering would mean that people's permalinks would be changed, I made a request for discussion on the topic, as well as one for breaking out the 3 lists into separate articles.

And while I'm here, plug.

captain john

the label terrorism is just the bogeyman the govenments/corporations need to spread fear and retain control.
somebodies figured this would be a good way of infiltrating it to the online world too (as we dont read papers and watch news as much as the rest). it's all smoke and mirrors, be suspicious

Stormy Westmoreland

Hey, can RL lawyers get CLE credit for this? It would be a hoot to submit this to the bar associations.



The Constution is not a suicide pact, huh? A million dead in the US Civil War say otherwise. If Judge Posner's thesis is correct, somebody please inform New Hampshire so they can change the slogan on their license plates: "Live free or die."

I like the idea of CLE credits, and I'll bet it could be done though it has to be on a state by state basis.

My wife has an avatar and RSVP'd to attend, so I'll be watching over her shoulder. Really great idea, and kudos to Judge Posner for participating.

Alpha Amiga

Is there a video transcript or audio transcript from this presentation? Can anybody assist with a link?

Hamlet Au

I'll be posting a lightly edited text transcript next Monday.

خرید لباس مجلسی

Hey, can RL lawyers get CLE credit for this? It would be a hoot to submit this to the bar associations.

دایرکتوری شرکتهای تجهیزات پزشکی

Hamlet, where did you post your text transcript , can you pls help me with that and send me its link?

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