Monday, November 13, 2006


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Robbie D

I just wanted to leave a comment, here at the top, to be able to say with authority, that I was the first...

SignpostMarv Martin

I am the first to comment on this post. I shall blatantly ignore any claims to the contrary.

SignpostMarv Martin

They didn't answer the questions you asked, and they had damn well better make a retraction.

They are not the first. They will never be the first.

An analysis (enhanced for your amusement):


In the UK Guardian story about Axel Springer's upcoming publication, it's described as Second Life's ‘first tabloid’. Why is it described that way there?

Regis Braathens

There are tabloid-style publications in Second Life,But we want to produce something different. A newspaper that has all the positive aspects of a tabloid (wtf ?), being emotional, direct, informative and entertaining. We will focus on what makes this world-- the people. From stars to newbies we want not only to cover the glamour but the personal stories and insights (things like nonsense about people stealing textures, other content and partners no doubt). It will be strongly service oriented, giving information, tips and recommendations to our readers. We want to show people what is going on in this vast and diverse world, guide them through it and of course entertain them on their way. (I thought that's what New World Notes, the Herald, Plywood, Dwell on It the comic, Pierce Portocarrero (he was robbed!) and World of SL were for ?- hell, even this recent post on Prok's blog is quite the entertaining read)

Which means they either are a tabloid and need to retract their claim to being the first tabloid in Second Life, or they are not a tabloid and need to retract their claims of being a tabloid altogether.

Shep Korvin

It's perhaps also worth nothing that 4radio isn't even a proper real-world "radio" station! Their material is only available as an on-line stream (http://www.channel4radio.com/) ... and while it's true that they've put in a bid for airtime on a real-world broadcasting multiplex here in the UK, last I heard they weren't likely to get one until 2008(!)

So, they are neither "first", nor are they any more legitimate a "radio" station than any other net-streaming audio source out there.


Why is so much importance placed on being first? Oh yeah, I get it, because few people know who was the SECOND man on the moon. :p

Seriously, being a time traveler of sorts, I don't really relate to such chest-thumping, but enjoy a lot of things both superlative and not.

I do consider it sacred to be aware and respectful of Second Life culture, inasmuch the same way as you wouldn't go into the jungle and demolish the aborigine settlements and replace them with parking lots and a gawky skyscraper. Good lord I hope not, 'cuz I'm all about building cultural bridges! (Here I am sipping on grass jelly while having gummi worms as a side dish for my spring rolls with A1 steak sauce!)

Will be nice to see an automotive company prototype a vehicle design within Second Life, perhaps calling on some of the greatest (whee superlative) builders' native knowledge and mad skillz, and coming out with a production-line car as a result of that.

Just saying. *chews on grass jelly bits* =^_^=

SignpostMarv Martin

Something just occured to me.

In terms of being the first real-world radio stations entering into Second Life, would BBC Radio One have a more stable claim ?

I mean they do own 4 sims (paid for by the license payers of the UK) in SL.

I was too busy to get in at the time, did they actually have the audio streaming in or was it video ?

Steve Read

I would have been first, but probably my sim was being slow.

It is surely degrading to occupy space and time in "Second Life" I propose that we "vote" - don't we always in changing its name to "First Life" or even "Zeroth"

Mambo Milosz

Yes, Radio One were indeed first - or at least they have a far strong claim to being firster than 4Radio :)

They did stream audio and they also gave away free radios, something else 4Radio were planning to be first at, I believe.

SignpostMarv Martin

"Genus Zero"

SignpostMarv Martin

Ah. Now you bring up their radios.

BBC Radio One's radios were absolutely useless.

All they were was llLoadURL() objects, not radios.

See Koz of BlogHUD fame for why the BBC don't have audio streams that can be broadcast into Second Life (e.g. why they have two audio formats that aren't MP3 or Ogg Vorbis)

Channel 4 are in serious need of making an official retraction.

Mambo Milosz

Ah, well I didn't mean to imply that the Radio 1 "radios" were any good, only that they *did* actually exist in SL last year :)

I am not actually expecting the Channel Four radios, should they appear, to set new standards in SL hardware - although I would be delighted to be proved wrong.

Now to see whether the virtual Dell is as good as the Pear...

SignpostMarv Martin

*Wonders how that little white box Bose makes would compare to the little white box any other Resident could make.

Chris Lassonde

Great article Hamlet. What I'm most curious about is this move towards anger based responses towards spurious claims of first. This isn't anywhere near the first medium where spurious claims are made nor will it be the last.

Having just gone through election coverage, I'm all too aware of the illegitimate claims individuals and groups can make. And yet the generally accepted response is to not engage that party in anger but to either ignore or calmly correct. I’m curious, in your reporting, did you come across an underlying reason for this different style of response? More importantly, is anger based responses working in this medium whereas it has traditionally not worked in other mediums?

Hamlet Au

Hard to say, but I'd have to guess that power imbalance and tone drives a large part of the anger. Some random dude shows up and excitedly proclaims he created X, he's likely to get politely corrected. Some giant corporation shows up, spouting jargon that suggests they only see this as an economic opportunity, *and* suggests they're first to create it-- bound to get a much different reaction.

SignpostMarv Martin

Citizens of a nation react differently to corporate invasion than they do to ass-hattery.

Rona Blackhawk

They're actually recruiting reporters in-world now, apparently through groups, soliciting email addys and personal resumes from potential applicants. Asked why his mystery client would make such a request by banging out a bushel of individual IMs instead of through a simple group notice, recruiter Monty Go replied that "they're old-fashioned.”

Initially secretive about who exactly he was working for, Mr. Go eventually revealed that it was the friendly folks at Axel Springer, and said “they need people like you to teach them” how to function in SL. It apparently never occurred to him to check my profile, which would have revealed my status as a newcomer.

Don’t get me wrong; trading in the RL job for one in SL definitely sounds appealing. Working as an in-world corporate whore, though? Perhaps more lucrative but certainly no more appealing than jumping on a pole—figurative or otherwise—in a virtual porn palace. But, hey … that’s just me, you know?

SignpostMarv Martin

Rona Blackhawk

Initially secretive about who exactly he was working for, Mr. Go eventually revealed that it was the friendly folks at Axel Springer, and said “they need people like you to teach them” how to function in SL

And here's me thinking that's what [F1] Help, the Volunteer System, Welcome Areas, and NCI classes were for.

It seems Gwyneth's idea for sponsored Mentors is needed not for corporations to gain traffic, publicity and of course, money- but is in fact needed to teach them to suck eggs RTFM tie their shoe laces learn how to use Second Life in the first place so they can come in and provide their low-quality services to our citizenry.

They need personal trainers.....


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