Friday, November 03, 2006


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given all the corporate interest in SL, i'm surprised that Millions of Us, Electric Sheep, etc haven't figured out a way to get someone to underwrite Svarga's island. Seems like it would gets lots of goodwill.

brian weiner

The Illusion Factory will gladly completely underwrite / save Svarga. Please contact me at my office directly to set up the details. Happy to help out!

Brian Weiner
The Illusion Factory
818 598 8400



FlipperPA's Svarga group has raised 65536 square meters as of today.

Taras Balderdash

The Avatars of Change has donated 4598 M of tier, and after selling a piece of land in the near future should be able to add another 1024.

May Supreme Avatar Smile Upon You!

Br. Taras

Melissa Yeuxdoux

How can those of us not among the landed gentry help?

Elanthius Flagstaff

I don't get it Svarga is a private sim what does all this donated tier achieve?

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