Wednesday, November 22, 2006


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Aenea Nori

I said as much in a blog post last week. It was scary to see how quickly the mob mentality took hold of the community, leading to many over-panicked reactions.

The reality of the risk of CopyBot was evident to anyone who took a little time to understand what it could do...

Relee Baysklef

From what I've seen, Copybot Defender has done more harm than Copybot.

It's a device that works by spamming the shut-down code for Copybot. If you read my earlier comments on the Listen script lag of Bling jewelery, you'll see that every spamming copybot defender linearally increases the lag caused by sloppy listen scripts.


Worse yet, while it technically DOES work to shut down the Copybot program, Copybot can't actually copy items that are inside vendors, so putting it in your store does little if any good. People can still copy your items if they own a copy or see someone wearing it.

Taran Rampersad (aka Nobody Fugazi)

Yes, mob mentality and a complete disregard of the facts. Indeed, a week later the mainstream media is still echoing the distorted issues related to it. There were some who gained from this hype. I noted on my weblog that my stats were up everytime I posted a technorati tag for copybot.

I wrote about the truth of the capabilities of Copybot, about true copyright issues and methods to handle them, and put all of that out in the public - as did a few others - but that didn't echo. In fact, this is the first post that I've seen like those posts in about a week which wasn't within the VoRT (Voices of Reason Team, a fictitious name for the group of bloggers who didn't flip into mob mode).

But, you see, mob mode gets you more hits on website advertising.

My position on this is that Copybot demonstrated how poor the media in general reported things - and I am not picking on anyone. Rather, I am pointing to the echoes of copybot that are still going on.

Right now the echoes are mainly about the 'worm that made rings' for about an hour on Sunday. Makes the whole thing sound horrid.

The mainstream media has no excuse. Blogs are allowed and encouraged to post opinions, though we would hope that they would be good ones. Yet mainstream media has been avoiding the facts at all costs it seems.

I'd make fun of the mainstream media on my blog more often, but it's just too much to type. :-)

Melissa Yeuxdoux

Chip Midnight said: "Metadata for proving first use and the ability to see what people are wearing and where they acquired it will be a good start [towards making it possible for vendors to police their content]."

Ironically, once that metadata is present and visible, libsecondlife's work should make it possible to write a "Robocop" sort of agent that checks whether avatars walking past legitimately own what they have on--an external conscience reminiscent of Delaney and Stiegler's _Valentina: Soul in Sapphire_. What good is it to own stolen goods if you can't wear them because you never be sure you aren't being checked out?

Chip Midnight

@ Melissa - When libsl does something like what you suggested that's helpful rather than harmful I'll be the first to applaud them for it. We'll have to wait and see how useful the metadata turns out to be.

Signore Iredell

@Chip - Libsl already did a great, helpful work by reporting bugs and security issues to Linden Labs, letting them fix the app before someone could exploit them.
FYI, Lindens explained this more than once in their official blog and other public places.

Kamilion Schnook

And the really hilarious thing is, the copied object doesn't even stay around. Once the copy-from object is purged from the simulator's local cache, the copy-to object no longer has the assets to exist and is automatically cleaned up.


are you afraid? im not, and i use Inf viewer ;)

you can see it at inflife.net/

follow us :)

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