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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


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Wow, that's really awesome.

For some real recursive madness, you could stream the live feed of DestroyTV on your face. So you'd have a Second Life avatar displaying a web video feed of Second Life. Then if your avatar runs into the actual DestroyTV avatar, you break the time-space continuum.

Ali Maltz

One correction -- I'm streaming a webcam, not a web page, onto my
avatar's head. The QuickTime movie that streams the webcam image can certainly be put on a web page if you want to.

Without a Mac, you could probably replicate this trick by setting up a regular webcam (streaming in QuickTime format) and linking your land's media texture to it. Obviously that's much harder, and there are clear security issues with other people seeing whatever's on your webcam. This trick is local-only until you put it on your avatar and save.

Leoniceno Gandini

What would be really crazy would be if he were to stream a webcam view of his RL face onto his SL face. I'd like to see a video of that. This is pretty neat, though.


It would be cool if we could watch real TV channels in SL. I used to watch the CSPAN streaming feeds quite a bit.

Ali Maltz

"...a webcam view of his RL face onto his SL face..."

Well, you've just described the first movie I made, but I decided to keep just a little more anonymity -- hence the soft toy. It's also very tricky to keep your head in just the right position when you click "Close". The streaming movie has been squished a little to make positioning easier, but it's still difficult.

If you have a Mac, feel free to visit my land and make your own RL-head movie. :)

Alastair Chamerberlin

I am not sure what it is yet, but something about this demo sets off the alarm bells in my head. I am sensing some huge potential....can't quite put my avies finger on it yet though.

Alastair Chamerberlin

...and on a side note, when are we going to be able to view a browser window in SL? thought I heard something along those lines a while back....the possibilities are endless.


Cor blimey, that's really Tony Oursler

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