Monday, December 18, 2006


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This is the usual short-sighted, IP lawyer silliness.

Why does this diminish the marketshare of their product by having people snap pictures of the likenesses of the characters in the movie? It's so many steps removed from the actual actor that is ridiculous.

What if I make an avatar that sorta resembles Keanu's rotoscoped character from the movie and people can pose with it? Would I then need clearance from Warner.

Memory Harker

Wow ... this is getting to be like that Thomas Disch story where a regular guy happens to be a dead ringer for a movie star, and the movie star's people eventually sue the regular guy for image infringement and require the regular guy, backed up by court order, to have plastic surgery to lessen the amount of physical similarity. Because, even if he wasn't directly profiting via the similar appearance, the regular guy was still demonstrably Diluting The Brand ...

Nature, via genetics and probability, is its own intermittent CopyBot, I guess ...


Tom Paine

Warner "Independent" Pictures? A "cheap indie flick"?! Just what, exaactly, is Warner (of monolith TimeWarner) independent of? Maybe they bought the word "indie"?

Lionel Oliva

I hope I can find some Fred Saberhagen (Book of Swords / Berserker) or Murray Leinster sims/areas...

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