Monday, December 11, 2006


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Tomas Hausdorff

I am very impressed by Judge Posner's comments, his sense of humour, and his willingness to interact with something so "odd" as Second Life.

Generally I think of people like judges and lawyers as very rigid, humourless people, without much imagination. This fellow has flipped that perspective on it's ear.

Thanks for putting this transcript up for folks like myself to see, Hamlet. It is important to have my biases and generalizations disrupted now and then :)


Although I'm somewhat less than impressed with Posner's apparent willingness to piss all over the constitution, at least he has a sense of humor.

Doesn't stop him from being grossly, dangerously wrong.

Are we going to see someone with an opposing viewpoint invited in to SL soon?

Nobody Fugazi

Thanks for putting this up; I was unable to attend because of other things... How the Judge just kept going with the griefing is wonderful.

Wish I could have been there.


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Thanks for such a smart article. As usually Judge Posner is the best. Wait for the next publications.


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