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Wednesday, December 20, 2006


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WarKirby Magojiro

Wow. I just spent the last 4 hours reading ALL of the articles linked to in this. Staggering. I think there's more to be learned in the comments for some, than in the articles themselves. Particularly New World Numbers- 2 million.

Every time I visit this site, I learn more and expand my horizons. Thank you, Hamlet. I'm gonna spent the NEXT few hours thinking on it all, and processing the information.


WarKirby Magojiro


you can still watch the MTV fashion show on their broadband channel;


now available on mac and in firefox

epredator potato

It has been an amazing year. Personally I am really looking forward to where this all goes next and hope we can all plot the right path.
Have you got some ideas on what you might have to right this time next year?
I get asked about where this is going all the time so would love to here your thoughts.
NWN has been a guiding light for me to find out what has been going on, thankyou for a great years coverage and comment.

Hamlet Au

Glad to help, and thanks.

Where we go next year is in a post next week. :)

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