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Tuesday, January 23, 2007


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SignpostMarv Martin

Logged In Last 60 Days: 1,007,488


What will the numbers for the last 60 days have to show for us to be able to infer there were a million a week?

Hamlet Au

I give up on inferring anything meaningful from that 60 day thing, because it also includes new, one-time sign-ups.


Second Life-based income is already taxable. Or was that meant to imply you would directly have to account for your unrealized $Lindens in your avie's account?


That's a really close race for those three.

SignpostMarv Martin

Ana: Last I checked, the L$ wasn't a legally recognisable currency, and wasn't legally a currency anyway (check the wording in the TOS), so it's hardly anywhere near taxable. Your transactions on the LindeX however, probably are- even if the US$ balance is left on your SL account to pay for tier and account fees.

Luis Villa

A transaction doesn't have to involve currency to be taxable; barter of non-currency goods is perfectly taxable (at least in the US; google suggests it is also true in the UK and Canada.) The transaction just has to be valuable in dollars somehow- which the Lindex makes quite easy. See the IRS's docs on the subject.

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