Wednesday, January 10, 2007


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Yes, sounds like it could be a broader Resident experience Expo, showcasing both HUDs and customized Viewers alike. Helps foster creativity on both fronts, I hope, and increase awareness.

I'd like to see (whether this is feasible or not, I'll leave to the experts):

* Double-dash run like in There — e.g., tap up arrow twice quickly instead of Ctrl-R.

* Ability to email postcards and save to disk with a single keystroke (currently, I have to email via the Snapshot Preview floater, then Ctrl-` and save to disk).

* Customizable colors for the Mini-Map (I'm not the only one who feels it can sometimes be hard to see, esp. when you're on your own land with a lot of glaring cyan).

* Add a Preference for antialiasing — I don't know of another way to set it than my graphics card's Control Panel. A lot of Resis, even those with high-end cards, don't have added antialiasing turned on! On photos, it looks *so* much smoother 'round the edges.

* More configurable "Mouse Moves Sun" that can be changed with the precision of the Camera Controls or Alt-zoom (and variants thereof). Would be very useful for taking pictures at a desired time of day. Even a client-side sunphase slider would be great!

* Favorites/Bookmarks menu for Landmarks that functions more like a web browser's, incl. hierarchical folders.

* Ability to hide almost UI and still allow chatting, kinda like a "Myst-mode". Would be great for uncluttered conversation.

* Along the same lines, something similar to Photoshop's Tab key to hide all palettes would be grand.

* VERTICAL IM TABS. OH GOSH PLEASE. Context: http://torley.com/why-my-web-browsers-vertical-tabs-rock-hardcore/

* Uploading of PNG, OGG, and MP3 files would be nice too... it came up after yesterday's great Town Hall with Cory!



O, and one more for now, since I know this is important to international folks not in PST:

* If you click the time in the upper-right corner, it shows you a simple time converter. Even a link to something like http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/ would be nice.

And oooh ooooh this is pretty straightforward and could use creativity:

* Ideas to make F1 Help, Knowledge Base, and related help resources more prominent in the Viewer. It seems those still get missed out on a lot.

Dolus Naumova

Actually, the double-tap run concept is possible with LSL. It'd be faster and more reliable if it's client-based, however.

Interfect Sonic

I'll probably end up downloading the winner.
Sounds like a good idea, Hamlet. Go with it. But give people a chance to puzzle out LL's code first.

Zack Mortal

I'd like to see the HUD expo entries posted anyway -- if nothing else, it might inspire some client improvements!


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