Friday, January 12, 2007


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Eddy Stryker

Second Life income already is taxable if it really is income (as in USD). L$ aren't taxable (for now) because they have no legal value, but any USD coming in to your pocket sure is.

Dolus Naumova

Last I heard, Australia is working on taxing the L$.

Hamlet Au

Yeah, they already made a statement on that:


I'm going to interpret that "taxable" prediction as, "The US government issues an explicit tax policy on Linden Dollars and/or income from virtual world currency." Currently the topic is just being discussed in a Congressional subcommittee in very general terms.

Barbarra Blair

SL dollar income is taxable; it would be more noteworthy if SL investments in land became subject to capital gains tax, which would really put a dent in the style of the real estate tycoons.

David Walker

Regarding SL income as Taxable: It already is and always was.

According to the IRS, all income is taxable. period. if you make money in SL, it MUST be counted as your income and will be taxed appropriately.

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