Monday, January 22, 2007


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I'm delighted to be in such charming and gifted company. Yay, Tateru!

Erbo Evans

I swear, Tateru must be using VMWare or something to virtualize herself. She's everywhere recently. :-)

Interfect Sonic

I think that she writes for every SL news site.
And she managed to do the 3rd anniversary. She's an overachiever.

Harle Armistice

Yay Tateru!

I've always loved Tat's writing style, she's got a wonderful sense of language for these sorts of things. She really writes from the heart. :)


Congrats Tat! (Hey that rhymes!)

The Coeur-et-Fleur continue to blossom. ^_^

Tateru Nino

I like to keep busy, it's true :)

I don't actually write for *every* SL news site, Interfect. It just *seems* that way. ;)

A few of them have not made offers - and, frankly, my style doesn't necessarily suit everyone.

It's fun to be branching out a bit. I hope everyone will be kind when I inevitably make the odd screw-up.

Shockwave Plasma

I'm starting to suspect, we are seeing a secret copybot trial that went out of control.

Dozens of Tateru Ninos writing thousands of words.


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