Monday, January 29, 2007


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Sarah Devonshire

Sears in SL (IBM build) has kitchen re-modeling like this too. Sarah


Nice music on the video; I remember the first time seeing someone extrude objects atop a blueprint scanned and mapped across several prims in Second Life. I also noticed some subtle local lighting in that vid that worked well.

One problematic thing, of course, is proportions are somewhat off in SL, with avatars being noticeably taller than their offline counterparts. That doesn't inhibit amazing creations, but nevertheless, *is* a consideration.

I'm particularly awed when it goes beyond plannification and the layout becomes gorgeous. For example, this Frank Lloyd Wright house visualization from the Half-Life Source engine:


Related, The Arch folks should get in touch with devianarchitect and Sietch Leader Cottonteil Muromachi, if they haven't already! Great things afoot. =)

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