Monday, February 19, 2007


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I hope the debate will be podcasted or youtube'd. I can't watch the show yet the topic really interests me.


You came off as a rude jerk. That whole 2nd life looks dumb anyways. Better to enjoy your actual life.


Why did you keep interrupting the other guy, just because he disagrees with you?

You've got the cart ahead of the horse, a bit. You can't claim he doesn't like the game 'because he doesn't play it enough'. Rather, he doesn't play it, because he doesn't find it interesting.

Hamlet Au

I'd rather not interrupt, but it's hard not to, when you can't see who's talking to you, and the format makes it difficult for a meaningful back and forth. Ewalt's objection seemed to be that he didn't like SL as a gamer, so I was trying to figure out if he'd tried SL-based games like Samurai Island or Midian City.

Cyn Vandeverre

yomomma, do you watch TV, read fiction, or surf the web? If so, you should pay attention to *your* actual life instead of getting in a twist about someone else's entertainment choices.

Tyrovant Talbot

I watched the episode and James you totally won the fight. The "over eager to make a name for himself" writer dropped the ball when he admitted that he "still logs on...all the time" and the other major point came from what sounded like poor proformance of his computer to run the game (I am betting he has a year and a half old, iBook and a very mid level one at that.)
There is going to be a bunch of backlash from the market due to the fact that SL is Free to all who want to use it...Not $49.95 plus monthly fees like most other "Games". We are going to hear more and more negative ads against SL from several segments of the market.
James your points were spot on and the admission that involvement in SL is much like the beginning boom of the BLOGS in the political scene.


From the point of view of the audience, you came across as the big bully who only wins an argument by bashing the other guy's opinion. You interupted him often with "nuh-uh, you're a stupid-head"-style remarks and when he tried to interupt you (3 second delay and all), you basically told him to shut up and sit down (in tone, not words).Neither one of you really solidified your points and I almost felt like I wasted my time trying to figure out what those points were. My advice is to stay out of those booby-trapped debates like this one was.

Neth Paster

Hey G4 SL is not WOW talk about smoke and mirrors!

I think you did a good job of defending the validity of SL. You looked cool and hip, verses the dweebish looking backpedaler from Forbes. We’ll see if G4 would run this segment again in a year when SL reaches the 1M daily users. I know I’ll be there. I also like the comment of the previous post about his PC, Someone should tell him if your going to be on national television talking about computer programs, at least do us a favor and get one that works.

Keep up the good work keeping us informed..


I agree, you came off like a jerk. "Dude, let me finish". Then the next time David talks you interrupt him... real nice. Second Life would be better if it weren't so damn boring. Er, I mean edgy. ;)

Ming Chen

Yay, we have the G4 Forum ranting on your blog! Wewt.

Anywho, I did watch it, and it seems that "forbes guy" never landed outside of Orientation Island / Welcome Area. The host and the "forbes guy" said their are only 20 - 30k playing Second Life and that the total users signed up means total downloads. You have to remember, they had a poll who had a 75%-ish of people that do not like Second Life. Personally, I think they had you on to down Second Life and not to help argue. I personally believe it was a 2 vs 1 battle against Hamlet and he just did what he could to get the point across.

Also, why is someone from Forbes, the big business magazine thing that seems only useful to entrepreneurs and accountants, get to have an advantage-review on a "game?" He reminds me of someone you see in a Staples commercial wanting to push the Easy Button. He dint have any proof other than "I didn't like it much, so don't ever play it."

I think the argument was originally supposed to be commercialism in Second Life and it turned into Why Second Life is bad "in my opinion" type of rant. I did like the "Dude" flair because the forbes guy, again, was a prick and probably played for no more than 10 minutes. Oh, Im sorry, he played "many times," so that means he played for 3 minutes, 4 times. Maybe it would have been a little more fair if they had someone from a credible source like a gaming magazine, even a popular science magazine if they wanted to argue like that. Oh, don't forget, this is G4 -- the "we can read a teleprompter of preplanned stupidity, and think we are kewl" set of shows who is mainly known for their excessive showing of Cops, Cheaters, and Star Trek WITH ON SCREEN STATS!

I applaude Hamlet for the interview. Everything his said was hard fact. Hamlet doesn't like to be interrupted and the Forbes guy didn't like to be proven incorrect on anything.

Sorry about the rant
--Ming Chen

Ming Chen

Oh, to add on to my comment:

Anyone else notice that some of those who have "dissed" Hamlet in reply to this entry is:

all with fake links and email addresses. That shows maturity and probably their age.


You came across as a jackass. Second life is lame, your lame! live in the real world and get a hair cut.

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