Friday, February 02, 2007


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Douglas Story

Your correspondent points out that the young lady pictured above standing next to the crack ho is -not- the person who comissioned the custom avatar described.
She was arriving for services at the church, and just happened to pass by as I tripped the shutter. She has no connection to this story other than that happenstance.


Hahaaha this totally cracks me up; what a story that touches on so many levels! Splendid reporting, Douglas. Awhile ago, I came across Bizarre too, and suitably related to his eclectic collection of avatars. I wonder out loud if he knows Tooter Claxton — the two could put a formidable menagerie of the offbeat + eclectic if they got together.

I can only hope said dirty crackwhores can find solace in the church.

This line is just too funny and brilliant: "By that time, I had gotten the anti-perfection thing out of my system..."

Regan Turas

The Caves of Lascaux was one of the first builds that I visited in SL, and although it took some time, I did indeed manage to get all the way to the end! Then, just last week I was delighted to discover there was an inworld Unitarian church and I immediately joined the congregation.

But it wasn't until I read this entry that I made the connection between the two projects and realized the full depth and breadth of Bizarre Berry's involvement in SL. Not that the revelation is so surprising if you've met Berry in person (which I highly recommend). Within the course of one hour I saw him transform from a pot-bellied old man to a water-spewing fountain and then a spinning solar system. Truly a memorable evening.


fyi the american bashing crap is getting old not all americans are obese it's a rather small minority, and frankly its hillarious how sl is the slummy ghetto place frequented by child molesters..i hope linden sells the whole place out from under you guys to some conservative christian wierdo


But apparently Americans are fuzzy on the rules of grammar. Congratulations on completely missing the point.


Uncle Galbraith says:
don't feed the troll.
If i've ever seen an attempt to provoke an angry reaction, is that nonsense post.
By the way Bizarre, i hope you explained the purpose of the beggar woman avatar to the hysteric girl... wow, talk about misunderstanding, and jumping to conclusions...

CoyoteAngel Dimsum

BB is an astonishingly gracious individual and has typically underplayed the UUSL story. He's devoting many, many hours each week to doing something kind and genuinely new and which is inspiring others to work on real world problems through the agency of SL networking.

Thanks BB!


Marion Rickenbacker

Thanks for a superb piece - BB sounds a true original, showing us reality and bringing moral and spiritual depth to Second Life. I shall be down at the UU church as soon as the Lindens let me log in!

Elsbeth McConachie

I have often gone to BB's place to just relax and enjoy the company. Its rare to find a group as random and global, and create a community so vibrant and compassionate with the UU gathering sanctuary. Its a place that showcases the best of what SL has to offer.

Vaneeesa Blaylock

Beautiful article, amazing work! Thanks to author and subject. This is really a wonderful investigation of so many ideas RL & SL -- I'm very impressed!

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