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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


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Or you could turn on view beacons -> Scripted objects, and find the bug immediately. This guy's an "expert"? Not.


Wow. Getting 'tipping off.' Spied on. Bugs. 'Planting.' Surveillance. Counter-surveillance. A possible inside job thanks to the construction crew. Getting shot with a 'gun' and having a 'bug' stick to you. Stripping down in order to rid yourself of the bug.
What a fascinating world! Great dialog, Hamlet!

Someone should just invent a 'spray' that you can apply to yourself to automatically rid you of unwanted things like bugs.

Economic Mip

"... some don't always feel bound by the niceties of law."

Well the Lindens and these bug planters have that in common I guess. Did the company really think no one would notice they are letting in people from Iran and North Korea despite the embargo? When these countries have members in Second Life perhaps spying is not such a bad idea.

Interfect Sonic

The gun bug isn't really all that useful. The moment you go onto no-object-entry land, or stay on a parcel past its autoreturn time, or teleport away, it will be gone.

Erik Anderson

Well, considering that the person profiled in this story had to turn "build" on in order for construction to occur on their land, it smells like turning on autoreturn would cause half the island to disappear...

Relee Baysklef

Yeah there's a lot of ways to make stuff like that. You can shrink an object down to 0.01 meters cubed, but then you can shave that down to a tiny sliver and give it an invisible texture and it's practically undetectable.

Someone mentioned turning on scripted object beacons, but if you're wearing scripted objects already (and who doesn't these days?) you probably wouldn't notice the extra beacon. And who keeps beacons up constantly, right?

A newbie or inexperienced person especially wouldn't even know to look for things like this, let alone know how to find them.

Teleporting away will loose a bug, but a good one will wait for you to return and stick back onto you. I don't know what that fella was saying about attached prims though, I've never known those to be needed for bugs. But then, I'm not exactly a specialist!

Erik Anderson

I often have "alt shows physical" turned on, which means that holding the alt button down will highlight any scripted objects that I can see (sometimes along with some invisible umm... private attachments).

Doesn't always work though, especially if someone is trying to hide it; it misses about half the scripted objects in the PotShard (sp?) Adventure. Not sure if it would show spybots hovering inside of an avatar either...

I'm not in the security industry (although I'm familiar with scripting), but as far as I know, people cannot force you to attach something to yourself. I am fairly sure that these spybots are tiny ghosts that try their best to follow you around, but they are not attached to your person and will "lose track of you" if you tp more than 96m away (what they do afterwards to find you again might be more complex). "Hiding something in a tie" would require them to give you the tie and have you put it on (or corrupt a vendor so that they sell bugged ties?)

Relee Baysklef

It would be remotely possible to build a false vendor on top of someone else's vendor that steals your sales. But that is unquestionably wrong.


Am I correct in assuming that these devices only "hear" what is said in open chat? Or do the catch what's said in IMs too?

katy button

is there a way to find out if you have been bugged, or to get rid of spy probes if you find one, found one, cant seem to grab it as it flashes to quick

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