Monday, February 19, 2007


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Smile, pretty funny.
Our little event place (and I mean little) had more vistor than SONY, laugh.
By my own statistics (don't believe an stats you have not changed yourself) we are getting aroudn 50 user per day, more on the weekend.

TJ Ay in Ebersberg.

Carl Metropolitan

To be fair to L Word, they are not just one location. Showtime and ESC operate a whole string of L Word Islands, including several custom orientation islands, and a number of events islands. (In fact, the classes that NCI teaches for them have recently moved to L Word1 island from the original L Word island.)

I think one or two of the other Mixed Reality sites you listed may also span multiple sims, too. Of course some of your Native Reality site also have multiple locations (NCI & Shelter), but it still seems like a bit apples and oranges. Part of the problem is that SL's traffic measurement is so opaque, that its really hard to aggregate traffic across multiple locations and/or sims. At NCI we've run up the problem of potential RL advertisers looking at SL traffic numbers and asking us what they mean. We've had to tell them we don't really know, that LL keeps those forumla's secret. Not too confidence inspiring...

Tateru Nino

Well, the formulas aren't so much secret as they are difficult to map back to real world activity.

Plus, of course, yes, a single operation may have many sites and locations. I've tried to come up with metrics that are somewhat mitigating for that, but I've been given some ideas about some alternative methods for working out some fairer numbers, and I'll experiment a little with those.

I'm not sure that people would be so keen on me installing my own traffic counters all over the darn place to get my own statistics.


strict space for buddy. trust to get more from your side :)

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