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Tuesday, February 06, 2007


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John Stracke

What some of the "it's just bits in a computer" crowd don't seem to understand is that fidelity is an emotional stance, not just a physical one. If you enter into an emotional relationship, those emotions are real, regardless of whether there's real-world physical contact. You might as well excuse physical sex with "it's just quanta in spacetime". Either way, what matters is the mind, not the medium.

And, sure, for some people that works. Those people are polyamorous, even if they'd never consider a poly relationship that included physical sex; and the talent they need to make that work is the same talent needed to make physical-world poly relationships work.

gary moore

I had the same identity/emotional experience, being married, met a girl quite fast on the web (less than 30 min we were making SL love..) and than... a couple of days later I have to divulge my real identity... because I didn't sleep for days... but I know that the feeling at the other SL side was shared... And didn't want to put my RL in danger ... I like this women really well, she is my wife... the wife!

It is a dangerous game, and didn't know it could catch me like this.

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