Monday, February 26, 2007


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Sera Galbraith

I think there's some potential in the Japanese market, but there's a -big- gap in home PC systems being powerful enough to run SL. The bandwidth is there (definitely), but most home PCs are laptops, not desktops.

Gaming in Japan is overwhelmingly console-based -- where SL might catch on would be in the bangs and net cafes, which tend to have higher-grade systems for playing things like Lineage 2 and such. To make a market dent would almost require a partnership with a home-grown Japanese media company (like YahooBB) or with a netcafe chain or the like, just to raise its profile.

It's possible, I'm just not thinking it's overly likely. :)


I want to see a country as fervent about Second Life as South Korea are Starcraft masters (and not just that!).

The Japanese talent I've come across inworld manifests itself in all sorts of lateral oodles (MaHoRoBa, Metabirds, Monaca, mmmm...), and they're soooo polite; reminds me of my upbringing. OK, so it makes me feel all cozy and "small village" on a big Grid. But nevertheless, it just makes me wish I could speak more Japanese.

Nock Forager

Hi I'm japanese SL resident. I feel that percentages are little bit high, but understandable. Since around August-2006, many japanese media start reviewing about Secondlife that SL will start in Japan soon. And they report about money things very much (I feel too much). Last week, even major state-run TV broadcaster NHK has a program about SL. Popular magazine - for peoples not interested in computer - has review too. Perhaps you could feel the heat at Akiba, Shibuya and there surrounded SIMs.

Sera, I think so too. many avarage JP people does not have powerfull PC. Because, for shopping, for SNS, Blogging... no need to buy high performanced VGA!

Hamlet Au

Thanks and welcome, Nock!

Aleister Kronos

Hmmm... that might explain why Sugura Bank is building in SL.

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