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Tuesday, March 06, 2007


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This sounds awesome! Not just playing techno music in Second Life, but making techno music inspired by Second Life. Big ups for taking SL ambience and remixing it too, not a lot have done it (Koz Farina remixed some of the UI sounds originally created by Ryan Linden for his KozCast), and this is very unique and special.

The ditty itself has a long but momentum-building intro, a catchy synth-pop propulsion that reminds me of Depeche Mode. A drum 'n' bass remix would be MASSIVE, complete with acid stabs and crunchy Amen rolls.

This will be a great memory of this year's Valentine's festivities. Can I say Julian and Amber look so cute? :) YES I CAN!!!!! OMG.

Haney Armstrong

That was so not allowed back in the day - what is happening to our young?

ferran krasopani

Hey Torley! your move... You should definetly make that kickass drum 'n' bass RMX. I read you used to compose techno...Let me know when you are ready and I'll send you the original tracks!...and I bet you can sing it better than me!
Thanks for your concepts on my song!
BTW: I actually WAS listening to DM one or two days before putting together the song! ;)


@Haney: Now that you bring that up, I remember when I couldn't even hug a Linden!

@ferran: Thanx, I don't do so much music anymore aside from the occasional solo piano, because of my hyperacusis (degraded hearing and sensitivity to noise). Regardless, I think it's so awesome you did this song... kewl that you were listening to DM recently too. :D

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