Thursday, March 29, 2007


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Jesper W.

Have to say, Wastelands is one the the best sims I've seen, in terms of using SL's means of expression to reach a certain goal.
The ambience of a post-apocalyptic, well, wasteland, is so good I had the same feeling of being immersed as I get from playing a well-laid out FPS like Call of Duty or Halo - this, I believe, is not accomplished by any means of realism (i.e. photorealism) but by cleverly utilizing the means at your disposal.

Well done indeed!


The Wastelands (and the associated areas such as the Junkyard and Great Fissure) is one of the most impressively designed Second Life sims I've ever seen, really illustrating what one can accomplish within the limits imposed by Linden Labs' virtual space. I've had a few very entertaining evenings poking through the wreckage and conversing with the strange inhabitants. I only wish the roleplaying contingent was larger than it is and got together more often - unfortunately RP encounters are few and far between, so rare that one can hardly call Wastelands an "RPG" sim. It's too bad because I'd love to RP in this post-apocalyptic world and the basic game 'hook' (fighting over salvage) seems to offer a nice mixture of simplicity, freedom, and motivation. I hope it becomes more popular.

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