Monday, March 26, 2007


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Alex Burgess

Oh, that poster just has to go up in my loft right now!

(And, non sequitorishly, the syntax of your conversation--A GUN--Iris, reminded me of the Onion's "The Fucking Moon.")


Oh you need to post a video of this avatar to YouTube and see if you get a take-down">http://www.rikomatic.com/blog/2007/03/viacom_takes_do.html">take-down order!


(I just noticed the Digg links.)

What a fine assemblage! I didn't previously know that Huns Valen crafted fine weapons of this sort.

Heck, take one letter out of "Grindhouse" and what do we have? Gridhouse!

Iris Ophelia

Hans Valen did the scripting and is listed at the "creator", but Eata Kitty, weaponsmith extraordinaire, did the actual building and texturing, which is why the Huns Valen name may have surprised you, Torley. ^^

Brooke Barmy

Wow! I saw the commercial before I saw this and I said to myself, wouldn't that be awesome if someone made an avatar like that chick with a gun for a leg and what do ya know! Too bad its not on the TG, oh well! Still awesome none the less!

Lana Miranda

This is awesome! Inspired me to take similar photos, I used Ophelia as a guide including her poses:


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