Monday, March 05, 2007


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Patch Lamington

Mini Coopers arent the ones of 20 years ago, but the fancy new model as seen in the remake of "The Italian Job". Small sporty and quite fashionable in the UK.

Meanwhile, how about widening the net of your 'native reality index'. Basically, the four places you mention are four of the most popular and permanently busy non-sexual locations in all of SL. How about a third index - pick the last 10 sim of the week sims from Metaverse Messenger and measture the traffic that they get.
(Did I suggest this before? Ive got a touch of deja-vu)

Give the commercial boys a chance

Tateru Nino

Measuring an entire sim is quite time-consuming, unless we're talking about what is - essentially - a single build.

I *did* specifically single out non-profits, because whatever business or site I list is inevitably going to get a bit more exposure than ones that.. well... don't. Of course I could have easily pulled individual sites in; Canimal, Celestial Studios, Dazzle, Preen, Silentsparrow; and that might be a good idea.

I've already been on the receiving end of a hundred "Why wasn't I included?" requests.

So, sure. Individual sites (so I don't go nuts collecting data across many sites in a sim - or in multiple locations - both are already a problem), if you can think of a matching criteria that doesn't cause a lot of people to cry foul.

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