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Monday, March 19, 2007


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Alastair Chamerberlin

wow....I haven't looked at the map lately. All of those islands!!! it just continues to amaze me how quickly we have grown.

Zoe Connolly

I've notived this already, with more and more Greek Soldiers appearing at the Plum Welcome area.

I still prefer my Battlestar Galactica Vipor Pilot uniform.

Zizzer Ennui

Did you guys know that our very own Qarl Linden did some of the effects on the 300 movie?


Hamlet Au

Ooh, good catch, Zizzer!


Sloog is incredible. Nothing's improved my SL experience since I came here better than Sloog.

Patch Lamington

Hiya Tateru...

I think the new index is a better reflection - including the additional locations gives a better balance. Native is still beating 'real', but when critically raved about locations like Svarga are included (beautiful but few/no events) I think the comparison is fairer on the incomers :-)

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