Saturday, March 17, 2007


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Laetizia Coronet

Last week I visited Shermerville and blogged about it (follow the link in my name if you wish). And I keep wondering why, amidst all the possibilities of SL, people actually choose to create a dreary suburb for themselves. There are great examples of very imaginative building in SL... and then there's Shermerville.

Cyn Vandeverre

Suburb: maybe they like suburbs? Or are doing it as sort of a parody or exercise? Hard to say, without asking the people who live there (which, I saw from your entry, was impossible at the time.)

I don't understand why people recreate dreary cities, myself.

Laetizia Coronet

"without asking the people who live there"

...that's where I see Hamlet entering the story ;)

Hamlet Au

I did a touch, in The Old Blog:


What did I miss? :)

Laetizia Coronet

Missed that, having been in SL since November 2006. I guess I do my own discovery trip and inevitably I tread in some footsteps here and there... but that won't stop me!

Hamlet Au

Tell us what you find out! When I visited back in 2005, the residents of Shermerville were starting to hold neighborhood meetings, and run events. I'd be very curious if there's still a tight-knit community there.

Patch Lamington

I think you're mixing up Shermerville and Blumfield. The wall (with the bears and flamingos) was Max Case's on the edge Blumfield.
It is still sorely missed, but Barnes & co have finally joined up the roads with the info-hub in the sim next door.

West Haven was launched a short while after Blumfield. A reasonable number of the original residents of both sims still own and keep houses in both these sims, well over a year later.

Later still, Shermerville was launched when they tried to do a 'mass' version for large numbers. Originally 9 sims, Shermerville was later consolidated into (I think) 3 sims. IMHO, Shermerville failed where Blumfield/West Haven succeeded (at least partially) because it was too large and too spread out for people to form a supportive community.

Why live in a place like Blumfield? After a while getting your eyes assaulted by the architecture of SL, somewhere 'normal'-ish can be pretty restful. This was especially true in the olden days of tele-hubs and (shudders at the memory) tele-hub malls.
Compare it to typical first-land development (another memory now) and it starts to look *really* good!

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