Friday, March 23, 2007


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Laetizia Coronet

Just visited the freshly opened (as of today, Friday) Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA) in the beautiful alpine sim of Neufreistadt. And I saw some intrigueing art there by SL artists like Starax Statosky, Tremali Lightworker and Adam Ramona. Some of it is interactive, some of it uses the unique possibilities SL offers, and most of it is just plain beautiful.
I'll add pictures and a landmark in a blog this weekend.


Just got this in my in-box:

On Sunday March 25, at noon PDT (19 italian time), in SL, at the Parioli University, Mario Gerosa aka Frank Koolhaas will present his new book, called Second Life, published by Meltemi.

The book, that will be available in Italy from the 29th of March, is an essay about the cultures and the trends of Second Life. Among the subjects, art, fashion, architecture, business, tourism, sex and law.

David Orban

On March 31, on Vulcano island the Ritalia group will meet, as well as in real life at the University of Milan-Bicocca. The objective of the grassroots group, born a month ago and now 300 strong, is to re-think the Italian national tourism portal Italia.it, with a transparent, modern, and efficient approach.

David Orban

UPDATE to post on Ritalia: the correct url for Ritalia is www.ritalia.eu. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Mark Brown

I have recently formed a group called

Not for Profit Organisations in SL.

The aim is to provide a forum in which not for profit practitioners can support each other in developing a presence in SL.

This includes such activities as offering networking opportunities, providing training, sharing resources, and developing collaborative ventures.

For more info IM Arkin Ariantho.


Just got this from Capitol Hill group:

WHAT: Political Hill Roundtable Discussion . Kei Moana, Moderator
WHEN: Sunday, March 25, 2007
11 a.m. - Noon SLT (Second Life Time)
WHERE: SLCH Chamber (Attached LM)
WHO: Politically Interested & Informed
PURPOSE: Thoughtful exchange of ideas

TOPICS: --Presidential Campaigns in SL
--House Defense Bill With Iraq Withdrawl Provisions
RULES: No flaming; no personal attacks; respectful disagreement okay.


TOPGenosse Brouwer

Thanks for mentioning us Laetizia! May I shamelessly plug our other (non profit) event?

This Sunday at noon SLT:
Noted SL sculptor and RL artist, Golam Amadeus, is giving his first SL talk on the Elements of Art with accompanying artwork slides. We (the Neufreistadt Museum of Contemporary Art) are proud to present Golam since we consider him one of the 'rising stars', his sculptures rival Starax Stratosky's. Questions? IM TOPGenosse Brouwer.

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