Friday, March 30, 2007


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Rein Spire

Calling all Basketballers, and sport interested gamers! The grand opening of Ballers City, is taking place tomorrow (Saturday) at 6PM SLT. There will be competitions, prizes, and live DJs. This will be the starting point for the first Basketball Community in SL.

Ballers City (70, 215, 23)

Rein Spire

Focus group participants needed

For my qualitative research plan to do virtual focus groups. The titel of my PhD thesis is "Avatar Based Innovation -
Antecedences and Consequences of Interactivity". Together with you I would like to identify core elements of a compelling virtual world place, to describe interactivity in the context of Second Life and to generate a list of interactive features.

1 Real World marketers Thursday, 5th April – 10am SLT/PST
2 In-World entrepreneurs Thursday, 12th April – 10 am SLT/PST
3 University Scholars from the field of HCI, Communication, Marketing Thursday, 19th April - 10 am SLT/PST

I would appreciate your interest in participating. Please let me know which session you would like to attend.

SL: Rein Spire
RL: [email protected]

Thanks in advance!

Morris Vig

Oyster Bay Sculpture Garden will hold the capstone event for its week-long Balloon Festival on Sunday, 1 April at 12 Noon and 5PM SLT (for both Euro and N. American balloonists) when we launch the balloons for a leisurely ride around the mainland waterfront. Over 15 balloons are already on exhibit, representing innovation and creativity in SL scripting, building and design. And it's kinda cool too!

Oyster (27, 177)

SL: Morris Vig
EMail: [email protected]

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